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Business Manager and Ali Operations


Number:5 人

Work Place:Dongguan

Release Date:2021-03-28

Validity Period:365 days


Gongfu Electronics specializes in: production, sales, development of DC fuses, fuse holders, automotive fuses, new energy vehicle fuses and other protection components! At present, due to the needs of domestic business development, it is necessary to recruit a number of domestic sales personnel. The specific treatment and conditions are as follows:

Specific requirements:
1. High school degree or above, those with Alibaba operation experience and PS experience are preferred, fresh graduates are welcome
2, eager to learn, willing to share
3. Strong customer communication skills
4. The work is meticulous and conscientious, proactive, with strong sense of responsibility, strong execution ability, hard-working, and team spirit.

Specific treatment:
1. Treatment: monthly salary of 3000-5000 + business commission (not including room and board)
2. Working hours: 5 days a week. Weekends

The company's recruitment has not entrusted any platform and human resources, so as not to be deceived

Contact: Mr. Lu

Tel: 15622511589