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What are the matters needing attention in car fuse replacement

Now, cars are more common. Trust people Many people have their own personal cars. When using a car, it will also bring a series of problems, such as car insurance, car driver's license, car annual review, and car refueling and a series of problems. In the meantime, what matters need to be paid attention to when replacing car fuses is also one of the more important things.   

What matters should you pay attention to when replacing car fuses?  

1. Combined with the failure performance of the car, the distinction is between engine cabin fuse box and cab fuse box failure.  

2. When there is no fuse at hand, the fuses that are not necessarily used during the driving process can be removed to temporarily replace the damaged fuses. For example, the sunroof and wiper fuses are temporarily unused.   

3. When there is no suitable fuse replacement, temporarily replace the damaged fuse with a fuse with a slightly larger current value, such as 10A instead of 7.5A, 15A instead of 10A, but the original fuse standard must be restored as soon as possible after parking.  

4. Find a suitable spare fuse in the car fuse box and replace it. Generally speaking, the same car will use the same size fuse, so that the same fuse clip can be used. The spare fuse is usually placed in the engine compartment fuse. box.